Christian family counseling at Rowlett Christian Counseling is a usually short-term treatment aimed at reducing conflict between family members and fostering harmony and unity through improving the way they communicate and interact with one another.

Unlike individual counseling where the focus is on just one person’s role in a problem issue, family counseling focuses on the entire family unit. It involves looking at conflicts as patterns or systems that need to be adjusted. It also helps family members understand one another better, strengthen the bonds between them, and teach them the necessary skills for more effectively coping with stressful times after they are no longer in counseling.

Specific goals include identifying problem areas within the family, equipping family members with skills for handling conflict, and improving and strengthening relationships.

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Common issues that lead people to seek family counseling

  • Parenting conflicts such as discipline issues resulting from conflicting parenting styles.
  • Conflict between siblings or other family members that jeopardizes the family’s peace.
  • A child’s behavior problems that affects the whole family.
  • Financial problems and/or disagreements about money.
  • Major life changes or trauma that impacts the whole family, such as a natural disaster, moving to a new location, divorce, or the death of a family member.
  • Emotional abuse or domestic violence.
  • Adjusting to a new addition to the family.
  • Conflicts within the family over spiritual issues.

At Rowlett Christian Counseling, your first session will be focused on identifying the source of your family’s distress so that the counselor can determine how best to help you resolve it in a non-confrontational manner. He/she will ask you questions such as what made you decide to come to counseling, how each of you views the problem you are dealing with, when the issue started, and how you have been trying to deal with it so far.

You will be asked to openly share your thoughts and feelings using “I” statements rather than pointing fingers or trying to shift blame. Looking at the conflict from each family member’s point of view—including the children’s—is the first step towards empathy and a harmonious solution.

Once the counselor forms a good picture of your family’s dynamics and how you and your family members interact with one another, he/she will work with you to establish a treatment plan during which he/she will serve as an unbiased mediator, offering guidance as he/she helps you identify unhealthy patterns of behavior, tear down obstacles to growth, build trust, and heal from past hurts.

At Rowlett Christian Counseling, your family counselor will use one or a combination of several techniques to teach you how to communicate positively and effectively with one another and be equipped with the necessary skills to navigate through future challenges in a healthy, positive way even after counseling comes to an end.

  • Family counseling provides a safe space for you and your family members to meet with an unbiased professional counselor who can help you work out your problems in a less volatile way, without pointing fingers or trying to blame or shame anyone.
  • It can help you explore and identify the source of problem issues your family is handling, as well as uncover any specific roles, rules, and/or patterns of behavior that may be contributing to the conflicts you are experiencing.
  • Christian family counseling can help you and your family learn how to address and support the challenges of a family member struggling with special needs such as addiction, substance abuse, depression, chronic illness, or a mental health issue.
  • Family counseling can help you identify and strengthen the positive aspects of the relationships within your family unit, as well as replace unhealthy patterns of relating to one another with new, supportive, and affirming ones.
  • It can help strengthen the bonds between family members and increase their trust in one another.
  • Christian family counseling can help you improve family dynamics by defining the roles you each play within your family, identifying and addressing dysfunctional interactions, and teaching you how to establish healthy boundaries.
  • Family counseling can help bring the family together after a crisis and help you create a supportive environment in your home.
  • It can help you set healthy family goals and work with you to achieve them.
  • Christian counseling for your family can help improve communication skills between family members and increase your ability to solve conflicts by teaching you how to express your thoughts and feelings in a positive, healthy way.
  • Family counseling can help you adjust to a major trauma or life transition that has impacted the family, such as a natural disaster, moving to a new location, or the death of a family member.
  • It can help you deal with the unique issues faced by blended families, help you sort out your new roles, and ease tension and prevent resentment from building up by providing an unbiased platform for all family members to voice their feelings, fears, and concerns.

Common techniques used during family therapy

Supportive family therapy. Supportive family therapy provides a safe environment for family members to openly express their feelings about problems affecting the whole family.

Cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on changing the way family members think or behave to resolve the problem issue.

Functional family therapy. Functional family therapy is typically geared to families negatively impacted by a child or teen exhibiting emotional and/or behavioral problems. The focus is on improving the family dynamics by helping family members learn strategies for coping with the child’s behavior.

Narrative family therapy. Narrative family therapy encourages each family member to tell their own story so they can view problem issues more objectively than just seeing them through their own lens.

Systemic family therapy. Systemic family therapy attempts to identify the problems within the family dynamic, as well as the thoughts and feelings of each family member, to uncover what is going on in the family as a whole and improve family interactions.

Brief strategic family therapy. Brief strategic family therapy is a shortened and direct form of therapy that aims at identifying and restructuring family interactions that lead to the problematic behavior of a child or teen.

Structural family therapy. Structural family therapy focuses on family interactions, and on helping family members create boundaries and establish routines that improve how the family functions as a unit. The emphasis is on modifying the present rather than on exploring or interpreting the past.

Behavioral techniques. Behavioral techniques focus on helping family members resolve problem issues such as communication problems through modeling and role-playing, for example.

Psychodynamic techniques. Psychodynamic techniques attempt to resolve problem issues by uncovering the problems underlying them so family members can gain insight into the real reason for the conflict and be able to deal with it through gaining new insights and learning how to respond in more positive and effective ways.

Transgenerational family therapy. Transgenerational family therapy examines the interactions between members of a family across multiple generations to understand how current conflicts and problematic behaviors may be rooted in patterns that have been passed down from one generation to another.

Christian family counseling in Rowlett

Christian family counseling in Rowlett, Texas involves a combination of biblical principles and clinical intervention to help you find healing and wellness with God’s help. Choosing a counselor with a Biblical perspective ensures that your Christian values will be supported, and you will receive counsel in keeping with God’s will.

If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, please give us a call today at Rowlett Christian Counseling. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you manage the challenges you are facing and walk you through the healing process.

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